Curriculum Vitae.




                Donald Robert Goulding


                7400 Northwest 44th Terrace
                Pompano Beach, Florida 33073



Email:       D1326aol.com

Website:   www.drgtreeconsultants.com


                    Saint Vincent de Paul Grade and High School
                    Mount Vernon, Ohio

                    Mount Vernon High School
                    Mount Vernon, Ohio
                    Studied College Preparatory Courses

                    Indiana University School of Real Estate
                    Fort Wayne, Indiana Campus
                    Graduated and passed State Real Estate Licensing Board

                    Broward Community College
                    Fort Lauderdale, Florida
                    Studied Horticultural Classes
                    Graduated with a Associates Degree in Landscape

March 1995:
                    Completed Arboriculture III Course as ascribed to by the
                    National Arborist Association

June 1995:
                    Completed Train the Trainer program, presented by Broward
                    County Extension Service to train pesticide handlers

March 1996:
                    Certified Landscape Inspector by the Landscape Inspectors
                    Association of Florida

April 1996:
                    Graduated Level I Code Enforcement

October 1996:
                    Certified Arborist by the International Society of Arboriculture

September 1998:
                    Graduated Level II Code Enforcement

January 1999:
                    Certified Florida Nursery Professional by Florida Nursery and
                    Growers Association

May 2001:
                    Completed Consulting Academy sponsored by American
                    Society of Consulting Arborists

March 2002:
                    Graduated Level III Code Enforcement

May 2002:
                    Registered Consulting Arborist #400 by American Society of
                    Consulting Arborists


June 2000:
                    2000 Outstanding Professional, presented by
                    Florida Urban Forestry Council, Florida Chapter
                    International Society of Arboriculture, and
                    The State of Florida Agriculture Department
                    Division of Forestry and University of Florida


                    Member International Society of Arboriculture
                    Member of Florida Chapter of ISA

                    Member Landscape Inspectors Association of Florida, Inc
                    Treasurer 2000-2001

                    Member Florida Urban Forestry Council

                    Member Society of Municipal Arborists

                    Member American Society of Consulting Arborists

                    Member Trees Florida Conference Committee

                    Executive Board Member Florida Urban Forestry Council

                    Executive Board Member Society of Municipal Arborists

                    Chairman of The Society of Municipal Arborists Conference
                    in Hollywood Florida

                    Chairman of The Trees Florida Annual Conference
                    in Weston Florida

                    Executive Board Member of the American Society of Consulting


                    Donald R. Goulding, ASCA,
                    Certified Arborist and Register Consulting Arborist
                    Services include:
Professional reports, tree hazard
                    assessment, tree appraisals, tree diagnostic problems, tree
                    protection for construction projects, tree management for
                    golf courses, arboreta, and municipalities, tree assessments
                    for pre-purchase of Real Estate, development of municipal
                    ordinances, and independent second opinions for the trade.

                    City of Hollywood, Florida
                    Duties include:
Supervising and scheduling a Tree Crew of
                    seven. Tree risk management, tree management, tree
                    evaluations and equipment maintenance; Monthly reports,
                    safety meetings, and employee evaluations; Tree removals
                    and tree trimming scheduling; Mitigation of employee and
                    management conflicts.

                    City of Hollywood, Florida
                    Landscape Inspector
                    Duties include:
Development of tree codes and
                    enforcement, tree risk management, tree evaluations, tree
                    mitigation, plans and landscape reviews, landscape
                    inspections, customer service, consultant to City
                    management, tree educational PowerPoint Presentations
                    to Civic Associations, City liaison to state tree
                    right-of-way planting projects, City liaison to developers'
                    tree mitigation projects and agreements, tree grant writer,
                    Project Manager of City Tree Inventory, Memeber of City's
                    Technical Advisory Committee.

                    City of Hollywood, Florida
                    Nursery Supervisor
                    Duties include:
Maintain the daily operation of the nursery,
                    planting material and supervise seven city employees,
                    managed maintenance of all equipment, installation of right-
                    of-way planting projects, oversaw fertilization, disease, and
                    insect control of City-wide Landscapes.

                    Landscapes and Designs by Don
                    Duties include:
Landscape designing, maintenance,
                    installation, purchasing, budgeting, growing, propagation,
                    fertilization, pest control, bookkeeping, employee relations,
                    project and employee scheduling, education, grading,
                    and equipment maintenance and operation.

                    Safari Landscape
                    Landscape Designer and Crew Foreman
                    Duties include:
Selling, landscape design, budgeting,
                    purchasing, scheduling, installation, and maintenance
                    of landscapes.


FL-103-96    10/06/96    Siebenthaler    Tree Appraisal Workshop    08.00
AN-065-96    11/01/96    Arbor. News    A Clearcut Solution to an Urban Tree    01.00
AN-070-96    12/01/96    Arbor. News    5 Steps for Training Young Trees     01.00
AN-030-97    Arbor. News    PHC Quiz    02.00
FL-154-97    10/23/97    Gilman     Applied Root & Tree Physiology     03.50
FL-157-97    10/23/97    Coder     Tree Risk Mgt & Hazard Assessment     03.00
FL-159-97    10/24/97    Various    Diagnosing-Tree Diseases, Palm Disorders    03.50
AN-040-97    09/01/98    Arbor. News    How Wind Affects Trees    01.00
AN-040-98    11/01/98    Arbor. News    Chainsaw Cutting Techniques     01.00
AN-005-99    03/01/99    Arbor. News    Tree Planting-The Foundation of PHC    01.00
FL-258-99    08/18/99    Barnard    11th UCF Conference     03.00
FL-260-99    08/19/99    Cambell    02.00
FL-257-99    09/01/99    Various    5th Annual Broward Co. Tree Seminar    04.00
IS-001-97    Publication    Photo Guide to Evaluation of Hazard Trees    02.00
AN-055-01    Arbor. News    A plant By Any Other Name    01.00
IS-055-99    Publication    An Illustrated Guide to Pruning     05.50
IS-003-97    Publication    PHC for Woody Ornamentals    03.00
TP-010-98    Publication    Tree Pruning Guidelines    01.00
IS-001-98    Publication    Arboriculture & the Law    03.00
IS-002-97    Publication    Principles of Planting Trees & Shrubs    04.00
LBG-010-98    Publication    Landscape Below Ground    04.00
ARB-005-9    Publication    Arborist Equipment Study Guide     10.00
IA-01-045    Various    Session ll-Smart Growth    02.75
AS-00-001    02/28/00    Various    Oral Communication Workshop     01.50
AS-00-002    02/28/00    Various    Practice Management     02.25
AS-00-003    02/28/00    Various    Report Writing Workshop    06.00
AS-00-004    03/01/00    Various    Ethical and Legal Considerations     02.25
AS-00-005    03/01/00    Various    Consulting Ethics and Standards     06.00
AS-00-006    03/02/00    Various    Take Home Assignment    02.50
FL-287-00    03/24/00    Various    Your Town, Tree and Landscape     06.00
FL-296-00    06/17/00    Various    Plant Appraisal     06.00
FL-300-00    06/19/00    Various    Managing the Urban Forest    03.50
IS-005-00    08/05/00    Various    Plant Health Care     07.00
IS-020-00    08/07/00    Various    Research: Who Needs It?    02.75
IS-025-00    08/07/00    Various    Concurrent Ed l     02.75
IS-035-00    08/08/00    Various    Tree Preservation-Session l    02.75
IS-060-00    08/09/00    Various    SMA Session-PM     03.00
NE-00-095    12/04/00    Various    ASCA: Consulting/People Lie     03.00
NE-00-097    12/05/00    Various    ASCA: Soil Compaction/Root Pruning    03.00
NE-00-098    12/05/00    Various    ASCA: Case Capsules/Soils    03.00
FL-334-01    06/23/01    Various    Hazard Tree Workshop    06.00
FL-337-01    06/25/01    Various    Monday Session     03.00
FL-339-01    06/25/01    Various    Utility & Urban Forestry Session     03.00
FL-341-01    06/26/01    Various    General Session     03.00
FL-343-01    06/26/01    Various    Tools of the Trade     03.00
AN-050-01    06/30/01    Arbor. News    Cabling    01.00
AN-025-00    07/01/01    Arbor. News    Tree Transplanting and Establishment    01.00
IA-01-005    08/11/01    Various    Workshop B    06.00
IA-01-035    08/13/01    Various    Opening General Session    02.50
IA-01-045    08/13/01    Various    Growth Opportunity     02.75
IA-01-055    08/14/01    Various    Urban Tree Management    02.75
IA-01-050    08/14/01    Various    General Session     02.25
IA-01-085    08/15/01    Various    Municipal Session     06.75
AN-030-00    09/01/01    Arbor. News    Want to be a Better Plant Diagnostic     02.00
SO-01-820    10/14/01    Various    Tree Structure & Mechanics Conference    03.00
SO-01-830-a    10/15/01    Various    Tree Structure & Mechanics Conference    04.25
SO-01-835-a    10/15/01    Various    Tree Structure & Mechanics Conference    05.75
SO-01-825    10/15/01    Various    Tree Structure & Mechanics Conference    04.00
AN-035-00    11/01/01    Arbor. News    Soil Bulk Density     01.00
AS-01-010    12/06/01    Various    What’s Wrong With This Plant?     01.00
AS-01-011    12/06/01    Various    Ethics For Consulting Arborist     01.00
AS-01-012    12/06/01    Various    The Role of an Expert     01.00    
AS-01-013    12/06/01    Various    How to Prep Your Attorney    01.00
AS-01-014    12/06/01    Various    When Did This Infestation Begin?     01.00
AS-01-015    12/07/01    Various    Report Writing     01.00
AS-01-017    12/07/01    Various    Separating Tree Work From Cons.     01.00
AS-01-018    12/07/01    Various    Separating Tree Work From Com.     01.00
AS-01-019    12/07/01    Various    Inoculants for Urban Landscapes     01.00
AS-01-020    12/08/01    Various    Tree Risk Management    01.00
AS-01-021    12/08/01    Various    Tree Risk Assessment     01.00
AN-040-00    01/01/02    Arbor. News    Back to Basics: Tree Fertilization     02.00
AN-040-01    Arbor. News    Flow in the Phloem     01.00
AN-035-01    Arbor. News    Girdling Root Formation    00.50
AN-045-01    Arbor. News    Training Your Trees for Structure & Form    01.50
AN-060-01    Arbor. News    Resource Allocation Trade-off     01.00
BPC-030-00    01/21/02    An Orientation to the Arboriculture Profession     01.00
BPC-005-00    01/21/02    Vehicle Safety    01.00
BPC-010-00    01/21/02    Job Planning & Preparation    01.00
BPC-015-00    01/21/02    Working Safely & Efficiently    01.00
BPC-020-00    01/21/02    Brush Chipper Operation & Maintenance    01.00
FL-02-383    04/18/02    Various    Tree Hazard Evaluation WKSP     06.00
FL-02-392    06/22/02    Various    Trees Fl 2002-Academy-Tree Appraisals    06.00
FL-02-394    06/24/02    Various    Trees Fl 2002-General Session     03.50
FL-02-395    06/24/02    Various    Trees Fl 2002-Consulting Arborist WKSP    01.50
FL-02-400    06/25/02    Various    Trees Fl 2002-General Session     02.00
FL-02-401    06/25/02    Various    Trees Fl 2002-Urban Forestry    03.50
CF-02-120    07/27/02    Workshop E Tree Mech.    06.50
CF-02-125    07/29/02    Opening Session     02.25
CF-02-145    07/30/02    Opening Session     02.25
CF-02-165    07/30/02    Session IV    02.00
CF-02-170    07/31/02    Opening Session     02.25
FL-02-413    10/16/02    Roadside Vegetative Management     05.00
FL-02-418    11/21/02    Landscape Maintenance (short course)    03.50
AS     12/09/02    ASCA Annual Conference    20.00
*The Judge’s Perspective and the Consultant’s
*Role in the Courtroom
*Plant Challenged: Dealing with Landscape
*Key Pests, Key Plants, Key locations
*Establishing a Critical Root Zone for Tree
*Case Capsules
*The National Mall: America’s Front Yard
*Mycorrhizae: Science & Practice
*Marketing 101: The Basics
*Time management
*The Art of Mediation
*The Ecology of Forest Vegetation in Urban Areas
*Hydraulic Architecture & Tree Performance
*Profile 2SC Tree Growth Regulator, A Tree
*Management Tool
*Ask the Expert Session
SO-03-042    01/30/03    Trees & Storm Water Management     04.00
FL-03-455    06/21/03    TF ’03 Academy/Tree Appraisal     06.00
WE-03-598    10/06/03    Complete Urban Forest Management     02.00
WE-03-599    10/07/03    Complete Urban Forest Management     02.00
AS-03-100    12/03/03    Preconference Workshop    10.00
*Testifying Skills for Consulting Arborist
AS     12/04/03    ASCA Annual Conference    20.00
*Soil Compaction
*Elements of a Hazard Tree Risk Management
*Applying Risk Assessment Ratings
*Components of a Integrated Tree Hazard
*Management Program in Sequoia-Kings Canyon
*Tree Removals Within a Political Landscape
*Lake Tahoe & Its Environment
*Ask the Experts
*E&O Insurance How to Minimize Your Exposure
*Bullet Proof Contracts
*Romancing the Client: Because Business is about
*How to be Organized in Spite of Yourself
*North American Tree Failure Database Project
*Selection of Methodology: Trunk Formula vs.
*Cost of Cure
AA-04-954    05/07/04    Florida Law: People & Trees-Miami     06.00
FL-04-526    06/14/04    TF ’04 – General Session    03.00
RM-04-758    08/26/04    Tree Appraisal Workshop    06.50
RM-04-759    09/27/04    Tree Appraisal Workshop    06.50
AS-04-035    12/02/04    Insect Resistance in Relation to Plant Stress    01.50
AS-04-040    12/02/04    Diff. Yourself in the Market Place     00.00
AS-04-045    12/03/04    Attorney Panel     01.00
AS-04-050    12/03/04    Appraisal: Cons. Forester vs. Cons. Arborist     00.00
AS-04-060    12/03/04    E & O Insurance- Risk Management     00.00
AS-04-085    12/05/04    Consulting Practice in Germany: Diff.&SIM.01.00
AS-04-090    12/05/04    Maturation in Trees     01.25
AS-04-095    12/05/04    Consulting Contracts     00.00
AS-04-100    12/05/04    Ask the Expert    01.50
FL-05-592    04/22/05    Hazard Tree Workshop    06.00
FL-05-584    05/03/05    LIAF ’05 Annual Seminar    05.00
FL-05-601    06-11-05    TF ’05 Year of the Hurricane    05.50
FL-05-606    06-13-05    TF ’05 AM General Session    03.00
FL-05-613    06-13-05    TF ’05 PM General Session    03.00
FL-05-634    10-12-05    UF Hurricane Grant Workshop     03.50
AS-05-009    12-04-05    Preconference Workshop    07.00
*How to Start & Build a Successful Expert
*Witness Practice
AS     12-05-05    ASCA Annual Conference    20.00
*Avoiding Disputes Regarding Payment,
*Appraisals and Attorneys
*Searching for the Super Tree
*Expert Witness: One Judge’s Perspective
*Advanced Diagnostics
*The Perception of Risk
*Fact or Fiction: Does the Research Support
*The Marketing
*Mock Deposition Appraisal Informal Discussion
*Top 10 Secrets of Awesome Reports
*It’s More Than Words! Reading People from
*the Outside In!
*Apply Dendrochronological Studies in the
*Consulting Arborist’s Practice
*Identifying Tree Decline by Fluorescence
*Palm Diseases
*Ask the Experts Session
*Tree Preservation on Infill Projects
*Case Studies in Appraisal
*Benefit Based Tree Appraisal
*Consultant/Contractor/Client Communications
*Who Talks to Whom, When?
FL-06-038    03/27/06    Plantation: Health Care for Senior Trees    06.75
FL-06-036    04/02/06    Sustainable Landscape: Design to Inspect.    05.50
FL-06-053    06/10/06    Tree Preservation on Construction Sites    05.75
FL-06-056    06/12/06    General Session     03.50
FL-06-059    06/12/06    Tree Basics    03.50
FL-06-065    06/13/06    Tree Basics    03.50
SO-06-321    10-02-06    42nd SMA annual Conf. PM Session     02.50
SO-06-262    10-02-06    42nd SMA annual Conf. AM Session     03.00
SO-06-263    10-03-06    42nd SMA annual Conf. AM Session     02.50
SO-06-322    10-03-06    42nd SMA annual Conf. PM Session     03.00
SO-06-264    10-04-06    42nd SMA annual Conf.    03.00
AS-06-008    12/03/06    How to be a Dangerous Expert Witness    07.50
AS-06-009    12/04/06    Time Mgmt. & Personal Leadership     02.00
AS-06-010    12/04/06    1 Judge’s perspective on the Expert Witness    01.50
AS-06-011    12/04/06    5 Ways to Create Pest Problems in the UF    01.50
AS-06-012    12/04/06    Old Growth Trees: 1 foot in the grave    01.00
AS-06-014    12-05-06    Copyright Law     00.75
AS-06-015    12-05-06    Consulting 101     00.75
AS-06-017    12-05-06    Wood Decay Conks     00.75
AS-06-018    12-05-06    Forensic Protocols     01.50
AS-06-020    12-05-06    Photography for Reports    02.00
AS-06-021    12-06-06    Case Studies in Risk Assessment     01.00
AS-06-022    12-06-06    Soil Decomposition & Amendments for UF    01.00
FL-07-030    04/01/07    Green Side Up – Back to basics     04.50
FL-07-061    09/15/07    SMA Hurricane Workshop    06.00
FL-07-062    09/15/07    SMA Municipal Workshop    06.00
FL-07-064    09/17/07    SMA Monday AM     03.25
FL-07-065    09/17/07    SMA Monday PM     01.25
FL-07-067    09/18/07    SMA Tuesday PM     03.00
FL-07-068    09/19/07    SMA Wednesday AM     02.50
FL-07-119    10/29/07    Theory and Practice, Art and Science     06.50
AS-07-301    11/28/07    Pre-Conference Workshop    03.50
AS-07-302    11/28/07    Pre-Conference Workshop: Diagnostics    03.00
AS     11/29/07    ASCA Annual Conference    20.00
*Client Management in Conflict Situations
*Common Law Concepts
*How Deep Is Too Deep?
*Root Cutting & Root Risk Assessment
*Three Correct Guesses: Arb. As Expert Witnesses
*Building Your Consulting Practice
*Sidewalk Lifting & Root Risk Assessment
*Village Green/Green Village
*Understanding & Managing Phytophthera
*Why Utilities Don’t Always Follow ANSI
*Marketing Your Consulting Practice
*Restoring Dignity to Sound Judgment
*Report Writing
FL-08-044    05/06/08    2008 Industry Seminar    05.25
FL-08-074    06/08/08    Tree Academy-Urban Forestry Field Study    06.75
FL-08-079    06/09/08    Monday Breakout-Urban Forestry     02.25
FL-08-081    06/10/08    Tuesday Breakout-What’s Up Doc?     02.25
FL-08-082    06/10/08    Tuesday-General Session    03.00
AS-08-001    12/03/08    Pre-Conference Workshop: Risk Assm.    07.50
AS     12/04/08    ASCA Annual Conference    20.00
*What is Risk & How Do We Manage It
*Managing Tree Risk for the Client
*Decay ID & Analysis
*Strength Loss Formulas
*How To Work with the Uncertainty of Risk
*Relationship Economics
*A MASH Approach to tree Root Rescue
*Cultivating Relationships
*Tree Root & Infrastructure Conflicts
*Photography for Consulting Arborists
*Challenges of Planting & Growing Trees
*Talking About Trees: Oral Tips
*What You Need To Know About Contracts
*An Outside View on Appraisal
*Cultivating Relationships With Attorneys
*Cult. Relationships with Lands. Archi.
*Judge’s View of the Expert Witness
*What’s Happening with the 10th Addition
PA-09-555    03/17/09    Mangrove Trimming Guidelines     01.00
FL-09-047    05/05/09    From Shoots to Roots     05.50
AS-09-007    12/02/09    Pre-Conference Workshop    08.25
AS-09-008     12/03/09    ASCA AM Session    3.25
AS-09-009     12/03/09    ASCA PM Session    3.75
AS-09-010     12/04/09    ASCA AM Session    3.00
AS-09-011     12/04/09    ASCA PM Session    6.00
AS-09-013     12/05/09    ASCA AM Session    4.25
ON-10-031     02/12/10    Session B    1.50
FL-10-077     05/04/10    LIAF 2010 Seminar    5.25
FL-11-014     01/13/11    Trees and the Law - Ft. Lauderdale    6.50
FL-11-076     05/03/11    Grades and Standards for Nursery Plants    5.50
FL-11-093     06/12/11    Tree Appraisal    5.75
FL-11-097     06/13/11    Monday General Session    4.50
FL-11-098     06/13/11    Monday Branching Out    2.00
FL-11-100     06/14/11    Tuesday - Tree Rx    2.00
AS-12-100     11/28/12    ASCA Pre-Conference Workshop    6.50
AS-12-101     11/29/12    ASCA Consultative Selling Skills Part 1    1.00
AS-12-102     11/29/12    ASCA Assessing Sapwood and Root Loss    1.00
AS-12-103     11/29/12    ASCA Sudden Oak Death    1.00
AS-12-104     11/29/12    ASCA Consultative Selling Skills Part 2    1.00
AS-12-105     11/29/12    ASCA Aliens In Our Midst    1.00
AS-12-106     11/29/12    ASCA Economic Forecast    1.00
AS-12-107     11/30/12    ASCA Steps To Sustainable Urban Forests    1.50
AS-12-108     11/30/12    ASCA How To Win Jurors and Influence Outcomes    1.00
AS-12-109     11/30/12    ASCA Consulting For Municipalities    1.00
AS-12-110     11/30/12    ASCA Phytoremediation    1.00
AS-12-111     11/30/12    ASCA Differentiating Yourself In The Market    1.00
AS-12-112     11/30/12    ASCA The Trees On Levees Controversy    1.00
AS-12-113     11/30/12    ASCA Impact Of The Implementation Of Urban Forestry    1.00
FL-13-070     05/02/13    2013 RPG Workshop    6.50
FL-13-129     09/26/13    Mature Tree Care - Miami    7.00
FL-14-075     05/06/14    LIAF Nature and Nuture    5.00
FL-14-076     05/06/14    LIAF Lunch G&S    0.25
FL-14-098     06/08/14    Tree Academy Preservation    7.00
FL-14-099     06/09/14    Monday General Session    5.00
FL-14-100     06/09/14    Monday What's up Doc    2.00
FL-14-103     06/10/14    Tuesday Diagnostic Skills    2.00
FL-14-104     06/10/14    Tuesday General Session    4.50
IS-13-202        TRAQ Course    14.50
*Lead, Sell, or Get Out of the Way
*Why Do Trees Get diseases
*Disposable to Sustainable Urban Forests
*So Long Organochlorines & Hello
*An Inside Look at the Tree Carbon Calculator
*Tales of Exotic Diseases
*Tree Roots & Infrastructure
*Sustainable Sites Initiative
*Contracts-The Short Form
*Consultant’s Role in Environmental Review
*City Trees & Transportation
*Thoughtful Landscapes in a Changing World
*Expert Witness Do's & Don'ts
*Planning the Urban Forest
TOTAL    647.25

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